Club Sade

Club Sade® is a meeting place for people who are interested in BDSM and fetishism. Our goal is to give them opportunities to meet others who share their interests. Discretion and mutual respect are crucial.

Club Sade® is a non-profit organization, run by its members.


Club Sade is a club for BDSM-practitioners, fetishists and people of similar sexual orientations. All activities require the consent of everyone involved and it is our opinion that people of all sexual orientations are entitled to their sexuality and to a place in society. Our meetings provide such occasions.

Club Sade® strives to create meeting places for sexual minorities to enable them to socialize, develop and strengthen their identity – through political, cultural and organizational means including providing information, courses and organizing parties.

Meetings for our members are organized several times a year in Stockholm. Club Sade® cooperates with several other clubs and membership in these clubs is valid for visits at Club Sade®. You are required to show membership card or other proof of membership at the entrance.

Booking and payment to all our events and apply for free membership can be done at http://www.dynamend.se/clubsade/sales/login.php .

Associated organizations:

Members of clubs from other countries are most welcome; just contact Club Sade® in advance.
In Sweden we cooperate with the following clubs: See Links – Länkar.

For information about our events – please contact us at: mailto:info @ clubsade.se (remove the blanks around @).

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